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New OFCCP Guidelines Won’t Impact Companies Use of Job Boards

Required Data collection for Federal Contractors is not as Massive as early Reports Indicated.

The Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) implemented new rules, effective February 6. These require companies with federal contracts to more thoroughly track their recruiting activities on qualified candidates found on the Internet. The OFCCP monitors federal contractors to ensure that they provide equal employment opportunities without regard to race, gender, color, religion, national origin, disability or veterans' status. This is the same requirement companies already face when receiving paper-based job applications. The OFCCP has now granted corporations a 90-day window to come into compliance with this regulation

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The Forecast for 2006: Nicheboards Group Expects Continued Growth In Online Job Seekers

Targeted employment Web sites attract more passive candidates
when employers craft strong job descriptions

The country’s leading alliance of niche job boards expects to receive a larger share of job advertisements in 2006, leading to huge increases in the number of potential applicants using their services to find work. Nicheboards.com says the increase, following a very strong 2005, will occur as more recruiters see the advantages of using targeted employment Web sites over generalist job sites and newspaper classified ads to find the best workers faster. It comes amidst a vibrant economy that has many companies boosting their hiring.

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Craft the Right Job Description to Reach the Best Candidates

Companies are more likely to attract talented job seekers through
clear, concise job advertisements that don't skimp on helpful details.

Consider the prospects of two companies seeking to fill an important position through advertising on an employment Web site. Company one writes a few lines about the job and adds a company boiler plate. Company two crafts a finely detailed document. Which one lands the best candidates?

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Thorough Research Will Help Companies Find the Best Job Boards

Leading niche boards can help clients find top talented candidates.

With more than 40,000 Web sites posting jobs, selecting the one or two that can best serve your organization may seem overwhelming. But the leading alliance of independent niche job boards in North America says you can pinpoint the right site by considering which ones have the best track record in your industry. Nicheboards.com says strong job boards have helped their clients fill a large number of positions with higher quality candidates than competitors. The Nicheboards group says most top boards also have the best potential applicants in their databases and advertise the most job openings in their sectors.

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Most Applicant Tracking Systems Do Not Track Applicants

Although measuring candidate sources is vital, most ATS's fail to make the grade.

Many companies are using applicant tracking systems (ATS) to find top job seekers faster and improve hiring efficiency. But many of these systems do not accurately record which job boards are sending quality candidates to their clients, says the world's largest alliance of employment Web sites, Nicheboards.com. Companies who rely on applicant sourcing reports that are often hopelessly inaccurate may make online recruiting decisions that end up lowering the number of quality candidates they actually receive.

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Writing Better Job Descriptions Leads to a Richer Harvest of Candidates

Many companies don't spend enough time creating informative and appealing job descriptions.

To attract the best candidates online, many companies need to craft better and more complete job descriptions, says the leading group of niche employment Web sites. Internet ads are rapidly become the leading source of candidates.

Nicheboards.com says that many companies make fundamental mistakes in their job advertisements. They fail to include vital information about a position or their company. In other cases, they publish ads with grammatical mistakes, or that are visually unappealing. Such sloppiness leaves a bad impression on job seekers, making them less likely to apply for a position.

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Nicheboards Group Continues Its Strong Growth

Revenues, job ads and visitors surge at U.S.’s largest Alliance of Employment Web sites.

Recruiters and job seekers continue seeking more targeted online resources, indicated by a review of first-half 2005 figures from the largest alliance of niche job boards in North America. Members of Nicheboards.com reported revenue growth ranging up to 112 percent for the first six months of the year.

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Stay On Target to Find Passive Job Seekers

Niche job boards attract candidates who might not be actively seeking a new job.

Looking to bag the elusive passive job candidate?

Posting openings on top niche job boards will increase your chances of wooing this coveted group, according to NicheBoards.com, the leading alliance of employment Web sites in North America. That’s because niche sites possess the type of targeted information and job advertisements that the best job seekers crave. Candidates can hone in on their area of expertise to learn something new that can help their careers. “Niche boards have the ability to build a community that generalist job boards can't,” says Nicki Gilmour, Vice President of jobsinthemoney.com. “People come to our sites because they trust that we speak their language and understand their profession. We only deal with jobs in their industry or profession and understand their industry’s intricacies and trends.”

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Survey Results for Search Engine Rankings for Job Boards

Leading niche job boards rank top on Google and other search engines.

Even the best job boards won’t help you if you can’t locate them. But that’s less likely to occur with niche job boards, according to a recent survey by the United States’ leading alliance of employment websites. Each website of the eleven-member Nicheboards.com group lists job openings and provides related information in specific categories. They cover such industries as retail, information technology, health, accounting/finance, call center, logistics, telecommunications, human resources, insurance, markets for former military personnel and bi-lingual Latino professionals. Their targeted audience helps connect quality job seekers to employers more efficiently than generalist boards, saving companies time and money.

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Give Your Job Boards Their Due

Most companies still aren’t accurately monitoring where they get their best job candidates.

Do you really know which job board is drumming up most of your job applicants? It’s one of the key measures of an employment Web site’s effectiveness.

Many companies are relying on monthly tallies to measure which job boards are best. The data helps them allocate their precious Internet recruiting dollars at a time when there are many options.

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