Sees Huge Growth

The Group’s Success Underscores the Importance of Specialized Job Boards

Recruiters and job seekers want more targeted online resources, the latest growth figures indicate. ( job postings and revenues spiked more than 30 percent over the first six months of 2004.

The 11-member Nicheboards group, which draws a combined 3 million monthly visitors, is the world’s largest alliance of independent – niche – job boards, each targeting specific professions and industries. As such, it’s a widely considered measure of online recruiting trends. “We’ve entered a more discriminating era in online recruiting,” said Don Firth, a founder of and chief executive of two member sites, and “Quantity’s out, quality’s in. Recruiters are looking more critically at how they find talent and recognize that niche job boards are the most efficient way to woo the best talent.”

Highlights for alliance members over the first half of 2004 include:

  • ( sales jumped 45 percent as the Web site, which advertises jobs in the retail sector, added Lowe’s, Linens n’ Things, T-Mobile, Pep Boys and Bank of America as clients.

  • ( revenue is up 31 percent. “We’ve seen an increase in advertising of managerial jobs, as well as an increase in annual packages,” says Jim Moylan,’s CEO.
  • ( job postings swelled about 50 percent. Revenues at the Web site, a leading job source for technology professionals, rose 30 percent.
  • ( sales increased 43 percent. Traffic to the site, which targets the insurance industry, rose 31 percent.
  • ( revenues were up 50 percent. Job postings at the job board, which helps former military personnel, skyrocketed from 70,000 at the start of May to nearly 100,000 in June.
  • ( job postings and revenues grew 35 percent. The site, which targets the human resources profession, is part of the network of job boards.
  • ( sales surged a whopping 105 percent. The company, which was acquired by the London-based job site, added heavyweights Robert Half, Home Depot and Google as customers.
  • ( sales spiked 60 percent and the company, which serves the logistics, transportation and manufacturing sectors, added a separate Web site,, for truck drivers seeking employment.
  • ( sales soared 200 percent. The Web site, which posts jobs from the healthcare sector, received about a half-million visitors in June and stores 126,000 resumes in its database.
  • ( sales increased 50 percent. The Web site, which serves the market for bi-lingual (Spanish and English-speaking) job seekers, added Honeywell, Coca-Cola, Pratt & Whitney and Habitat for Humanity to its list of clients.
  • ( revenue rose about 25 percent as the company, which targets sales and marketing positions, began offering free access to its database of resumes and streamlined its technology to make it easier for recruiters to find great candidates.
  • ( sales grew 25 percent with 85 percent of its customers renewing their contracts to advertise jobs. The Web site serves major players in the telecom / wireless market, including AT&T, Cingular, Cox Communications, Ericsson, Motorola, SBC, Siemens, Time Warner etc.

The latest news underscores the rising importance of niche boards for recruiters and job seekers. Recruiters have found that these sites are an efficient way to woo the best job seekers. That’s particularly important now with the economy recovering and job creation reviving. Firms that only a year ago could take their time finding candidates, no longer have that luxury. They need to restock their workforces in a hurry as they attempt to recoup revenues lost in the downturn of 2001-2002. Niche boards enable them to:

  • Attract a more targeted audience. Job seekers using niche sites aren’t just trolling randomly for opportunities but possess the skills and experience that organizations crave. They’ve taken the time to identify Web sites that cater to specific industries, professions or regions where they’d like to work. They’re more likely to return to these sites because of the quality of information they receive. A recent study by Weddle’s, which has been tracking Internet recruiting for eight years, found that two in three job seekers favored niche job boards as the most effective way to find work. “…You should use at least three niche sites in order to cover the career field, industry and geographic location of your employer’s opening,” says Peter Weddle in an accompanying article.

  • Avoid less qualified candidates. Casual or unqualified job seekers are less likely to go through the trouble of locating niche boards. Recently, one recruiter said she received only a handful of resumes in response to an ad she’d placed on But the quality of the candidates was so high that she filled the position quickly. “I would definitely use you again for any future specialized positions,” wrote the recruiter.
  • Update their job descriptions and related information. Because they’re small, niche sites are able to provide more personal attention. Clients can often reach the CEO directly. One niche board recently helped a company re-word a job description that wasn’t drawing enough candidates. The newly edited ad drew more responses and enabled the client to fill the position.
  • Have a high rate of success in filling positions. While companies tend to be close-lipped about where they’re having the most success finding candidates, they continue to increase their use of niche boards. One client recently filled a third more positions at about one-sixth the cost than it could using a major generalist (non niche) job board.