New OFCCP Guidelines Won’t Impact Companies Use of Job Boards

Required Data collection for Federal Contractors is not as Massive as early Reports Indicated.

The Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) implemented new rules, effective February 6. These require companies with federal contracts to more thoroughly track their recruiting activities on qualified candidates found on the Internet. The OFCCP monitors federal contractors to ensure that they provide equal employment opportunities without regard to race, gender, color, religion, national origin, disability or veterans' status. This is the same requirement companies already face when receiving paper-based job applications. The OFCCP has now granted corporations a 90-day window to come into compliance with this regulation

However, the additional data collection should have little impact on the companies use of job boards and other electronic recruiting resources, says the leading group of targeted niche job sites. has been in regular contact with the OFCCP to clarify how the rules would impact their services and their clients.

Some companies feared that they would have to start collecting massive amounts of unnecessary data to meet new standards. They thought they would have to record information about every potential applicant and every resume they review in external databases. This belief was fanned by certain organizations offering elaborate systems that may prove to be overkill. But Nicheboards has found that this is not the case. Firms need only record data from applicants they feel have met their job criteria.

"The doom-and-gloom scenarios simply don't pan out when the new rules are put under a bright light," said Don Firth, the founder of "Special concern was expressed about record keeping for resumes viewed in databases. In its simplest form, a company need only take a screen shot of the resume search criteria and copy only those resumes that they deem meet their job criteria. These can either be a printed copy placed in a job file or a transfer to the company's applicant tracking system."'s 11 member job boards attract more than three million visitors and list over 100,000 jobs in key, targeted sectors. These sites have already become a bigger part of recruiters' planning in recent years, with growth increases ranging from 50% to 90% in 2005. Because of its size and expertise on large swathes of the job market, its views are widely respected.

Mr. Firth, who speaks frequently about employment issues, is the founder of two member boards: the #1 job board for the retail industry and the #1 job board targeting the logistics, supply chain, transportation and distribution professionals.

Niche job boards can help minimize the chore of weeding through thousands of applicants. That's because they have a more targeted audience and are less likely to draw under-qualified job seekers. But a number of targeted Web sites, including member and, have also updated their technology to make it easier for their clients to record information. and help organizations find top financial professionals.

"Companies continue to see the difference that niche boards can make in helping them find great candidates and assemble better workforces," said Maria Slabaugh, the US marketing director for and "The job seekers that come to us are more likely to fit their job requirements than anywhere else. With more time being spent now on recording information, HR departments will appreciate any way to streamline their work."