Survey Results for Search Engine Rankings for Job Boards

Leading niche job boards rank top on Google and other search engines.

Even the best job boards won’t help you if you can’t locate them. But that’s less likely to occur with niche job boards, according to a recent survey by the United States’ leading alliance of employment websites. Each website of the eleven-member group lists job openings and provides related information in specific categories. They cover such industries as retail, information technology, health, accounting/finance, call center, logistics, telecommunications, human resources, insurance, markets for former military personnel and bi-lingual Latino professionals. Their targeted audience helps connect quality job seekers to employers more efficiently than generalist boards, saving companies time and money.

The recent study shows that these sites are also easier to find on the world’s leading search engine,, as well as smaller portals. Most of the members ranked first or among the first 10 entries when Internet users typed in common search terms. For example, ranked first out of the 53 million web pages that were found when entering ‘transportation jobs,’ and first again for the key words ‘distribution careers,’ which had 24 million., which targets the transportation, logistics and distribution industries, also topped the lists of search entries for many other key industry specific keywords. achieved this ranking naturally as the leading job board on the Internet for the logistics profession. This is in contrast to the sponsored websites, who pay to appear in the search regardless of whether they have relevance to the entered key words. Thus, natural search engine ranking is key to finding a successful job board. The higher the ranking, the more likely someone will click into it. Most search engine users won't even bother looking at websites after the first page of search engine results.

Combined with its marketing in logistics publications and to trade associations,'s accessibility on the Internet helps the website reach a larger number of top candidates than any other job boards serving this industry. “The best candidates often use search engines to find the best jobs,” says Don Firth, the creator of and a founder of “If they’re looking in logistics, transportation or distribution, they will find us first. For employers, that means a larger pool of the best logistics talent.”

The survey looked at websites and a variety of terms job seekers are likely to use on search engines. The objective was to check which board appeared naturally in the higher positions. Among the other members:

  • ranked #1 for 'logistics jobs' out of more than 5 million pages

  • ranked #1 for searches under 'jobs Latino' and 'Hispanic jobs' each out of over 7 million
  • was #2 for 'computer jobs' out of 94 million and #1 for ‘California computer jobs’
  • ranked #2 for 'finance jobs' out of 40 million
  • was #1 for 'call center jobs' out of 30 million
  • was #1 for 'telecom jobs' out of 19 million
  • ranked #2 for 'military job board' out of 16 million
  • was #1 for 'insurance jobs' out of 37 million
  • ranked #2 for 'healthcare job board' and #1 for 'nurse job board' out of 3 million
  • was second for 'HR Jobs' out of 16 million
  • was first for 'retail jobs' out of 20 million.

This is just a sampling of the thousands of search terms these boards appear in the top ten results for. serves the market for bi-lingual, Spanish-speaking professionals. is a leading Information technology job board, lists a range of financial and accounting positions and advertises a range of healthcare and science positions. “People don’t go to the second or third pages of a search engines’ displayed results,” says Eric Shannon,’s founder. “They want to get the information they need as fast as possible.”

For employers, niche boards usually carry one more advantage. They are less expensive than the generalist job boards. A 60-day job posting on JobsInLogistics,com is about $80 less than one of the world’s best-known job boards, and a 10-job package for $1395 is a little more than half the price of this larger competitor. Tough decision? Compare and save. Niche job boards attract more qualified candidates at lower prices.