Stay On Target to Find Passive Job Seekers

Niche job boards attract candidates who might not be actively seeking a new job.

Looking to bag the elusive passive job candidate?

Posting openings on top niche job boards will increase your chances of wooing this coveted group, according to, the leading alliance of employment Web sites in North America. That’s because niche sites possess the type of targeted information and job advertisements that the best job seekers crave. Candidates can hone in on their area of expertise to learn something new that can help their careers. “Niche boards have the ability to build a community that generalist job boards can't,” says Nicki Gilmour, Vice President of “People come to our sites because they trust that we speak their language and understand their profession. We only deal with jobs in their industry or profession and understand their industry’s intricacies and trends.”

"Passive job seekers - those not actively seeking work - won’t usually check job ads but they may visit Web sites that regularly provide interesting stories and research. This increases the likelihood that they may look into work opportunities that they might not have considered," says Gilmour. “My site provides great content. “People come to read a news story and jobs are only one click away.”, a unit of London-based, lists job openings in finance, accounting and other related areas, and provides a range of career information for finance professionals. is one of 11 members of the confederation. Each of these Web-based businesses targets a specific industry or market.

Smart companies are more likely to post their best positions on sites with audiences of potentially high-caliber job applicants. Passive candidates usually reside in this premium mix because they're already happily employed and are not aggressively seeking a career change. Passive candidates are also less likely to apply randomly for positions out of their sweet spot, which helps increase the caliber of resumes that firms receive. Many recruiters have complained in recent years that they are being overwhelmed by resumes from generalist job boards. “Companies don’t want to be bombarded by hordes of unqualified job seekers,” says Don Firth, the founder of and President and CEO of two member boards, and The former targets the transportation, supply chain, manufacturing and distribution sectors. lists executive, management and hourly jobs for major retailers.

Mr. Firth adds: “Because leading niche boards focus on only one area, they offer better service. A visitor to will find jobs in 50 sub-categories, each clearly identified and easily accessible. Generalist Web sites bunch these all into one category. It’s then up to the candidates to search for that needle in a haystack.”

Niche boards reach a more targeted audience through their marketing. To wit, is the only job board advertising in leading logistics trade magazines., which serves the market for bilingual, Spanish-speaking workers, appears frequently in diversity and Latino publications. has ads in the military media to target military personnel looking to make a transition to civilian life.

Top niche boards also make it easy for passive seekers to learn about opportunities and submit applications discreetly. They allow candidates to register anonymously and to receive confidential job alerts by E-mail that inform someone when a job matches their career goals. “Some people fear the possible backlash from bosses who learn that they’ve applied for another job,” says Firth. “With our boards they can fly under the radar while bettering their career prospects. That’s great value, both for the candidate and for the company with positions to fill.”