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Job Board Industry Closes a Productive 2004

Continued growth expected for niche job boards providing high-quality, targeted candidates.

By any standards, 2004 was an excellent year for job boards. The economy improved in most industries. Hiring increased, encouraging more job seekers to return to online job hunts they’d abandoned in despair during the dark aftermath of the dot com collapse.

A recent survey by outplacement guru John Challenger, of Challenger, Gray and Christmas, found that executives in the fourth quarter of 2004 were being hired at the fastest pace in three years. These managers needed only three months on average to find new positions, the shortest amount of time since early 2001. Management hiring traditionally foreshadows trends in other areas of the employment market. “With the right skills in the right industry, one’s job search could be significantly lower than the average,” said Mr. Challenger.

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Companies Should Heed New EEOC Guidelines

Job Descriptions, Screening Tests That Vary Could Lead To A Lawsuit

Corporations should ensure the job descriptions they post on Internet job boards don’t vary, says the country’s leading alliance of niche employment Web sites. Firms should also guarantee that screening tests for weeding out unqualified job applicants are identical, says NicheBoards.com. If the descriptions or testing varies, a firm could face sanctions by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), or even legal action.

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Niche Job Boards: An Increasingly Valuable Resource for Companies

Increasing evidence shows that niche job boards are the most effective way for companies to find the strongest job candidates. That was among the major findings earlier this month at the Third Annual Conference of Nicheboards.com, the world’s leading confederation of employment Web sites.
In an improved job market, niche boards are posting more open positions and drawing a greater share of targeted, high-quality job seekers – those with appropriate skills and background. The result: companies are using these industry-focused Web sites to fill some of their most important positions. To wit, in a recent study, Jobscience.com found that one of its long-time clients was filling more key posts through its services than via generalist job boards. “I always heard niche boards did better but now I’ve seen the raw data that niche boards are delivering the best candidates,” says Ted Elliott, the chief executive and president of Jobscience.com.

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How to Attract the Best Candidates

Advice from the Leading Niche Job Boards

The leading niche job boards offer the most efficient and effective media to advertise job openings. Yet, whereas most recruiters are very satisfied with the response they receive, some companies do far better than others. The response to job listings for similar positions in the same town can differ widely. Some companies just manage to attract more talented candidates.

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The ABC’s of Choosing a Great Niche Job Board

The best Niche Boards have strong focused traffic and great customer service

How do you choose a great niche job board? With a reputed 40,000 employment-related Web sites available, it’s not easy. On the surface, many of them possess important elements to serve your company well: a catchy name, job listings, a promise to find the best job seekers.

But dig deeper and you'll see that not all job boards are created equal, says Don Firth, the founder of the job board alliance NicheBoards.com. Some will do a much better job of helping you fill openings quickly and inexpensively. They possess superior technology and customer service, not to mention a strong track record of helping companies and job seekers find each other. “If you're going to spend money on Internet recruiting resources, why not ensure you're making the right decisions?” says Mr. Firth, who is chief executive of two NicheBoards.com member organizations, JobsInLogistics.com and AllRetailJobs.com. JobsInlogistics.com is the largest site for the transportation and distribution sectors while AllRetailJobs.com is the leading source for retail jobs and candidates on the Internet.

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Nicheboards.com Sees Huge Growth

The Group’s Success Underscores the Importance of Specialized Job Boards

Recruiters and job seekers want more targeted online resources, the latest Nicheboards.com growth figures indicate. Nicheboards.com (www.Nicheboards.com) job postings and revenues spiked more than 30 percent over the first six months of 2004.

The 11-member Nicheboards group, which draws a combined 3 million monthly visitors, is the world’s largest alliance of independent – niche – job boards, each targeting specific professions and industries. As such, it’s a widely considered measure of online recruiting trends. “We’ve entered a more discriminating era in online recruiting,” said Don Firth, a founder of Nicheboards.com and chief executive of two member sites, JobsInLogistics.com and AllRetailJobs.com. “Quantity’s out, quality’s in. Recruiters are looking more critically at how they find talent and recognize that niche job boards are the most efficient way to woo the best talent.”

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